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17th International Festival of Contemporary Dance



A man likes to daydream. He is confined to his sofa and uses every means at his disposal to escape his isolation and boredom.

His imagination will bring him out of his torpor and allow him to create a relationship with everything he can't really experience, all his expectations and desires... 
SO'FAR, created in 2020, is a poetic play combining dance and acting. It's a gentle mix that takes the audience on a journey through different universes of humour, poetry and sadness.  
This piece was selected for the Hanover International Choreography Competition in 2021 and for the De Grote Belgische Dansvitrine in March 2022. In May 2023 it won the Audience Prize and the Dance Prize of the tanzplatform Bern 2023.
Choreography and direction: Sidonie Fossé & Johann Clapson