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17th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Non-Upgraded Existence (ES)


The family of five unleashes its deepest longings to bring its search for happiness - and humanity - through an appealing dance theater piece filled with poetry.

After “The Age of Aquarium” (2019) and “Let it Rain” (2020), Nadine Gerspacher brings the most audacious and astounding conclusion to her trilogy: “Non-Upgraded Existence”: A family portrays the breathtaking search for a better future, putting the audience through the sharpest emotional shifts: from the cheerful laughs of a young daughter to the violent escalations of arguments between the progenitors. 


You can watch this performance as part of the main program of the international contemporary dance festival Tanec Valmez on Friday, October 14, 2022 in KD Zašová.


Choreography: Nadine Gerspacher