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17th International Festival of Contemporary Dance



If it could, what would the exhibition stand have told us?

Who are you if nobody is watching? And who are you if you are being watched? Standing high up on an exhibition stand, you know that your body and face are be- ing observed from all angles, your voice assessed by a special filter. Yet, no one can hear you over the steady beat of electronic music. There is no warning of free fall from the stand. Only the words “EVER!” flash.

The long-standing cooperation of choreographer Václav Kuneš with dramaturge Lucie Němečková, set designer Lucie Škandíková, costumes designer Olo Křížová and light designer Jan Mlčoch has once again proven its worth and result- ed in the production EVER! The audience is brought into an intimate place devoid of time and space...

The only limits seem to be inclined planes, parallel shadows, and the precise language of contemporary dance performed by 420PEOPLE dancers.
The performance is lightly spiced up with sarcasm and sophisticated playfulness.

You can watch this performance as part of the main program of the 16th annual TanecValmez international contemporary dance festival on Friday, October 13 at 7:30 pm in KD Zašová.

Choreography: Václav Kuneš