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17th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Behind Closed Doors (SK)


The dance performance Behind closed doors tells about the feelings of a woman who experiences something behind closed doors that even her closest relatives have no idea about.

"I had the feeling that there was an extraordinary connection between us. That she is magical, magical. And how he smelled to me. Like a flower, a garden. Even more so when you experience something like this with him. It deepens the relationship, it brings you closer. He said I was clairvoyant. That I can see beyond the terrible things, that I can see that he is not a psychopath. That kept me in the position of being the person who sees to the bottom of things. He often said: "You are a saint, you have such an influence on me". And then also that: "he never loved anyone like that". And that's why he does things like that. It's not so one-sided that he abuses you. He has a position that I adored. That's why it's so hard to leave.”


You can watch this performance as part of the main program of the international contemporary dance festival Tanec Valmez on Saturday, October 15, 2022 in KD Zašová.


Choreography: Michaela Dzurovčínová